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Renewable natural gas will help foster a sustainable future

By District Energy posted 05-03-2021 12:53


Finger Lakes Times


As New York’s Climate Action Council crafts policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Seneca Meadows Landfill Renewable Natural Gas Facility should serve as a prime example of how waste-to-energy projects can help achieve the state’s vision for a zero-carbon future.

Long before climate action and sustainability became a corporate trend, Seneca Meadows Landfill exemplified environmental leadership when we committed to the reuse of landfill gas in 1995. Environmental efforts from Seneca Meadows & Aria Energy are pioneering the path to long-term domestic and renewable energy viability.

Landfills can serve as laboratories for sustainability, and lawmakers should take note.

In 2016, Aria Energy completed expansion of our landfill gas to RNG facility at Seneca Meadows, which has now become the largest RNG-producing facility in the state. Landfill gas is a natural biproduct of waste decomposition and consists of roughly 50% methane. RNG is a carbon-free fuel alternative produced by sustainably repurposing that methane into a renewable power source.

Our facility processes 6,000 square cubic feet per minute of landfill gas into RNG, the equivalent of 50,000 gallons of vehicle fuel per day. This reduces methane emissions by over 33,000 tons each year. The RNG is then used to generate electricity for onsite consumption, compressed for use in natural gas vehicles, or transferred off-site to power local communities.

As elected officials and their appointees to the Climate Action Council continue crafting future environmental policies, proven clean energy solutions like Seneca Meadows’ waste-to-energy program should be fresh in the minds of decision-makers.

We also invest in our communities. As of 2016, Aria Energy and Seneca Meadows Landfill have dedicated resources to cover the Seneca Falls Central School District’s energy needs, saving the district over $60,000 annually.

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