Duke Energy plans to be 23% renewable by 2030

By District Energy posted 05-04-2021 18:07


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Duke Energy plans to have 23% of its electrical output come from renewable sources by 2030, according to the company’s newly-released sustainability report.

Renewables currently make up about 8% of Duke’s electrical output, natural gas accounts for 42%, coal for 33%, and nuclear  for 17%. By 2030, Duke plans for its generation mix to include 30% nuclear, 38% natural gas, and 9% coal.

New renewable resources will be developed to replace the generation lost by the 1,922 MW of coal capacity the utility plans to retire by the end of 2025. While Duke will have retired more than 8,400 MW of coal in total by 2025, that only represents about a third of the utility’s coal fleet; some plants are scheduled to stay active until 2048.

A second emerging technology that Duke recognized in its sustainability report is green hydrogen. Duke said it is partnering with Siemens Energy and Clemson University to study the use of hydrogen for energy storage and as a low- or no-carbon fuel source to produce energy at the company’s combined heat and power plant in South Carolina.

The study will include research on hydrogen production, storage, co-firing with natural gas, and multiple forms of hydrogen production, such as electrolysis, which produces hydrogen from water and has no byproducts.

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