Gas from geothermal production to fuel power generation

By District Energy posted 10 days ago


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Horticulturalists have a demand for heat that geothermal energy provides in a sustainable manner. At the same time, a geothermal energy project has an electricity demand. In order to implement this in a sustainable way, Aardwarmte Vogelaer (Geothermal Vogelaer) in Poeldijk, Netherlands is investing in cogeneration [of gas]. And an associated combined heat and power (CHP) building, which is being built by Twins Bouw. With these steps, the gas that comes along with drilling for geothermal energy will soon be converted into electricity. This is reported by Groenten Nieuws.

Until now, people in Poeldijk always did without a CHP. The geothermal heat project in Poeldijk has been running since the beginning of 2017, to which seventeen horticultural companies are connected. “Since then, the resource has been running well and is producing well,” says Léon Lankester, director of the company and also involved in the latest developments on behalf of the consultancy firm AAB.

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