Western Washington University's Facilities Manager Scott Dorough to retire June 30

By District Energy posted 06-08-2021 16:33


Scott Dorough is retiring as the Campus Energy Manager on June 30. Scott joined Western in August of 2014 and quickly began making his mark. In the ensuing nearly seven years Scott has spearheaded energy conservation efforts that lead to over a $4 million cumulative benefit to Western. This was achieved through a mix of utility rebates for facility upgrades, advocating for building operating changes and the avoided utility costs these measures achieved. Scott’s other passion at Western has been mentoring students through the Institute for Energy Studies. This has largely taken the form of campus as a “Living Lab” experiences gained through tours of the Steam Plant and building mechanical systems that provide heat and ventilation to facilities across campus. Scott was also instrumental in bringing 100% Green Direct renewable electricity to Western’s main campus and Shannon Point Marine Center and was a key contributor to the Built Environment section of the University’s Sustainable Action Plan (SAP).

When he wasn’t focused on energy issues, Scott also participated on several campus committees and was very active in the lunchtime health and wellness program for staff. This included a frequent trek to the Rec Center Pool to swim laps. His extra-curricular activities center around being an avid hiker and cyclist. His good cheer and many talents will be sorely missed at Facilities Management, particularly among the Asset Management Team. Well wishes for Scott’s next endeavors and other thoughts can be sent to Scott at pedalflight@gmail.com or 360-410-8065. He is also planning some return visits to campus once the effects of the pandemic are behind us.

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