Local efforts to cut carbon emissions could put Massachusetts ahead of the curve

By District Energy posted 08-10-2021 15:16


Boston Business Journal


With extreme weather events and temperatures on the rise, it’s not every day that we hear positive news about greenhouse gas emissions. However, in Massachusetts, policymakers are making great strides, leading the charge to drastically decarbonize. As the Commonwealth works toward its bold 2050 net zero carbon emissions initiative, the cities of Boston and Cambridge already have a solution in place that will rapidly help them cut their carbon output — Vicinity Energy’s district energy system.

Vicinity has announced upgrades and is exploring technological enhancements that will help building owners and these cities cut emissions faster and more cost-effectively than alternatives, like onsite equipment retrofits, at individual buildings.

A district energy system produces thermal energy, in the form of steam, at a central facility and distributes it to individual buildings through a network of underground pipes. This efficient form of heating and cooling buildings eliminates the need for the construction and maintenance of onsite energy generation systems and results in carbon emissions savings. Vicinity’s Boston and Cambridge district energy system has a long, rich history of adapting and innovating to deliver reliable thermal energy that is environmentally friendly.

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