Cummins mentioned in "Hydrogen-powered vehicles: A realistic path to clean energy?"

By District Energy posted 08-16-2021 15:20


In the article, Hydrogen-powered vehicles: A realistic path to clean energy?, IDEA Member Cummins comments on the possibility of hydrogen slowing the catastrophic effects of climate change, specific to the auto industry. 

That’s why industry researchers are focused on electrolysis, which uses electricity to separate hydrogen and oxygen in water. Hydrogen mixes with oxygen in a vehicle’s fuel cell to produce power. The amount of electricity generated by wind and solar is growing worldwide, making electrolysis cleaner and cheaper, said Joe Cargnelli, director of hydrogen technologies for Cummins, which makes electrolyzers and fuel cell power systems.

Cummins foresees the widespread use of hydrogen in the U.S. by 2030, sped by stricter diesel emissions regulations and government zero-emissions vehicle requirements. Already, Europe has set ambitious green hydrogen targets designed to accelerate its use.

“That’s just going to blow the market open and kind of drive it,” Cargnelli said. “Then you’ll see other places like North America kind of follow suit.”

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