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Trustees review presidential goals, approve energy efficiency measures

By District Energy posted 08-23-2021 08:45


Ohio State News


The Ohio State University Board of Trustees today approved five presidential goals for the current fiscal year. President Kristina M. Johnson and the board outlined five priorities: academic excellence, knowledge enterprise excellence, talent and culture, resource management and service.

The board also approved the continuation of the university’s energy efficiency and management measures. The latest phase involves spending $44 million in energy system improvements in 40 buildings. So far, more than 100 buildings on the Columbus campus have undergone energy conservation measures, and in the fifth and final phase, another 50 to 60 will be optimized.

The board also approved a change in scope of the Combined Heat and Power Plant and Midwest Campus District heating and Cooling Network capital improvement project, which was previously approved in fiscal year 2020. A state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a delay of the state’s certification process, which caused a delay in construction of the process.

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