Grand Rapids, Vicinity Energy offset carbon toward net-zero goal

By District Energy posted 09-06-2021 09:35


Grand Rapids Business Journal


Vicinity Energy, owner and operator of district energy systems across the nation, announced it has purchased carbon offsets for its Grand Rapids district energy operations, with hopes of offsetting carbon emissions in the city by 95,400 metric tons over a three-year period.

The purchase of carbon offsets will allow Vicinity to further support the sustainability efforts of Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids 2030 District Plan, offsetting carbon emissions by an additional 95,400 metric tons over a three-year period, without any additional cost to customers.

“Sustainability is one of the city’s core values,” said Alison Waske Sutter, Grand Rapids’ sustainability and performance management officer. “Since 2008, the city has reduced our carbon emissions by 30%, which exceeds the 26-28% Paris Climate Accord target for 2025, and we remain committed to further reducing carbon emissions,” she said. “Vicinity’s purchase of carbon offsets supports our mutual goals to continue measurable progress toward reducing carbon emissions for both our city government operations and community in order to achieve the 2030 District’s target of net-zero carbon by 2050.”

Vicinity Energy supplies space heating and cooling, domestic hot and chilled water, humidification and sterilization to over 100 facilities located in downtown Grand Rapids. 

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