Innovative Energy Efficiency Tool Accelerates Camden’s Transition to Low Carbon Future

By District Energy posted 5 days ago


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Vital Energi has partnered with Danfoss and Camden Council in Northwest London, to reduce the carbon consumption at Oakshott Court through the installation of a revolutionary Leanheat artificial intelligent software technology which is paving the borough’s way to net zero.

Thanks to their longstanding relationship with Camden Council, Vital Energi is trialing an energy efficiency tool which harnesses the power of digitalisation to optimise energy generation and consumption, and increase operational efficiencies.

The heating network temperature will be regulated to target a maximum of 24 degrees within the flats which will make a positive difference to the lives of the 114 residents of Oakshott Court, a 1970s block of flats in Somers Town which is owned by the council, who until now have experienced overheating in the summer months due to constant heating. The council and residents will now benefit from reduced carbon emissions and lower building maintenance costs.

Danfoss has acquired and continues to develop the intuitive Leanheat AI technology software which works with a built in weather compensation and predication tool, which will optimise the heating system water temperature to meet the ideal average temperature of 24 degrees across the flats. An outdoor weather sensor has also been installed to capture localised weather readings as part of the machine learning applied within the software.

Oakshott Court is connected to the existing Somers Town district heating network, which was designed and built by Vital Energi in 2014. The heat network delivers heat and hot water to the residents of Camden and was designed with expansion in mind, allowing additional buildings to be connected and for it to grow into one of London's major heat networks.

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