Qualcomm’s Study Highlights 5G As Sustainability Enabler

By District Energy posted 09-21-2021 13:06




You might know 5G from one of the many ads American carriers have been pitching at us consumers, promising faster data downloads, lack of latency and overall better mobile experience. But 5G, the next-generation data network, impacts much more than the little device always in our pocket. According to PWC, 5G will create an additional US$1.3tn global GDP by 2030 thanks to increased efficiencies and productivity that will add value across sectors.

Today Qualcomm published a report titled "Environmental sustainability and a greener economy: The transformative role of 5G" that goes beyond the impact on industries efficiencies and looks at 5G as a sustainability driver. 

Qualcomm has had a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility in reducing the company's carbon footprint and developing more energy-efficient technology. As a result, energy efficiencies have been designed into Qualcomm's facilities so that the combined heat and power plants enable them to self-generate electricity to meet their needs and efficiently utilize the waste heat to provide cooling to their headquarters. Their energy-saving initiatives saved 59,577-megawatt-hours of electricity and 16,495 tons of emissions. From a technology perspective, Qualcomm committed to reducing power consumption by 10% every year in their flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform products. 

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