SHARC Energy Grows North American Footprint

By District Energy posted 27 days ago


SHARC International Systems Inc. is pleased to provide an update on the National Western Center, Trico LivingWell and 303 Battery projects. The Company has shipped and delivered the units to each of the respective sites for installation and commissioning scheduled in the first half of 2022.

These projects showcase a 3.8 megawatt (MW) district energy system, the largest wastewater heat recovery project in North America to date, a forward-thinking senior-living facility and one of the first Zero Net Energy certified residential building complex in Colorado, Alberta and Washington, respectively. Each of these installations highlight the variety of target verticals for SHARC Energy’s technology and brings increases awareness of SHARC Energy products as reliable, cost-effective and consistent solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating fresh water savings.

National Western Center, a Denver, Colorado, 250-acre academic campus development of indoor and outdoor spaces designed to host innovation and research labs, farmers markets, international conferences, outdoor festivals and everything in between, is a 3.8 MW district energy project currently considered the largest wastewater heat recovery project in North America and potentially the world. The system will supply 90% of the campus heating and cooling needs and help National Western Center avoid emitting an estimated 2,600 metric tonnes of CO2 annually. This project is a marquee demonstration in the United States of the power of wastewater and provides example to the legitimacy of wastewater district energy projects for the purposes of low carbon heating and fresh water saving cooling.

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