The flexible district heating – sector coupling

By District Energy posted 09-23-2021 10:04


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Here, Grundfos Holding A/S tell us how district heating can effectively contribute to the green energy transition through sector coupling.

It’s a fact that district heating is extremely well-positioned to contribute to – and advance – the green transition, the district heating sector can, by using today’s well-known technologies quite easily be transformed into a green energy sector, not using fossil fuels. It is just a matter of political will and financial ability. The district heating sector is a very flexible energy-consuming sector because heat energy acts as a common denominator for all other forms of energy that can be converted into heat. This makes the district heating sector the ideal partner for sector coupling, to utilize large amounts of surplus energy from other sectors, at the same time it’s also a very big advantage for the district heating sector, that the sector is able to seasonally store huge amounts of energy from summer to winter, this is not possible in for example the power sector, but it is a necessity to balance production and demand.

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