Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Delivers Investments District Two Voters Want

By District Energy posted 09-26-2021 07:52




 As members of Congress debate its merits, Omahans are weighing in on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The bipartisan legislation has already passed in the Senate, and the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill as soon as September 27.

Voters find a lot to like in the Act. A recent poll taken to gauge public support showed that planned investments in roads and bridges, broadband, clean energy jobs, and a better electric grid were seen favorably among respondents.

The poll, commissioned by The Nature Conservancy and the Greater Omaha Chamber, was conducted among 350 registered voters in Nebraska's 2nd congressional district by New Bridge Strategy, a Republican polling firm, between September 14 and 16. The margin of error is +5.24%.

More than two-thirds of voters say they want their member of Congress to support the infrastructure plan. Ninety-three percent of those polled felt that "strengthening and making our infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, or drainage systems more resilient so it can better withstand the impacts from hurricanes or floods" was important, with 75% saying it was "extremely" or "very" important.

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