Empower connects its District Cooling services to ‘1 Residences’ with 3,351 RT

By District Energy posted 10-18-2021 12:01




Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world's largest district cooling services provider, announced that the company has started supplying the '1 Residences' towers its district cooling services with a capacity of 3,351 refrigeration tons (RT), from company's district cooling plant located at the Dubai International Financial Center. The '1 Residences towers' comes is part of the huge 'wasl1' project which incorporates around 13 residential towers developed by wasl properties, a subsidiary of wasl Asset Management Group. As per the agreement signed by Empower and wasl Asset Management Group, the district cooling capacity for the entire project is expected to reach 30,000 refrigeration tons.

wasl1 project is a gateway between the old and new districts of Dubai, and the only project that allows free ownership at this part of the city. '1 Residences' is the epitome of the project and a rather modern engineering masterpiece. It embraces two luxurious residential towers that lie on Sheikh Zayed Road and overlook the Zabeel Park. Each tower is built in the shape of number 1 and both cover an area of 102,282 square meters. The engineering design of the two towers, which represent the second phase of the Wasl1 project, translates Dubai's passion for being at the first place. The first tower is 101,569 square meters in area while the second is 96,103 square meters and the total built-up area is 160,131 square meters. Each tower is composed of 44 floors and both are interconnected through a suspension bridge that runs from floor 36 to floor 42. Through the project, which embraces 753 apartments and a variety of amenities, residents are granted panoramic views of modern Dubai.

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