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Mayor of London’s office releases new report setting 2030 net zero target for London

By District Energy posted 01-20-2022 11:42


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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has set a target for London to be net zero carbon by 2030. To support this ambition, he has commissioned experts Element Energy to analyse the possible pathways to achieving net zero.

The Mayor has also stressed that fairness must be at the heart of the net zero pathway, but that the cost of no action will impact lower income Londoners the most, with overheating, toxic air and flooding all posing a risk. This means supporting those on low incomes from the costs and ensure they benefit from warm, energy efficient homes, cleaner air and the new green jobs that will come from taking faster action.

Element Energy has analysed four possible pathways to net zero, looking at the different ways London can reduce emissions. The report shows that under all pathways it is possible to accelerate action and radically reduce carbon emissions with the right ambition, leadership, powers and funding. As well as helping avoid catastrophic climate change, there are many other benefits in achieving net zero, including supporting tens of thousands of jobs; improving health through better air quality and more active lifestyles; reducing inequalities and improving quality of life for all.

The Mayor has selected a preferred pathway to net zero - the Accelerated Green pathway. Amongst other things, achieving this will require:

  • Nearly 40 per cent reduction in the total heat demand of our buildings, requiring over 2 million homes and a quarter of a million non-domestic buildings to become properly insulated
  • 2.2 million heat pumps in operation in London by 2030
  • 460,000 buildings connected to district heating networks by 2030
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