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Poles urge EU to stick with gas as a transition fuel in district heating

By District Energy posted 03-24-2022 09:47




Poland’s largest electricity company, PGE, has asked EU regulators for more time to replace coal with gas in district heating systems, saying gas in Poland is now mostly supplied by countries other than Russia.

In reaction to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission outlined proposals to reduce the EU’s reliance on Russian gas by two-thirds before the end of the year as part of a plan to become independent from all Russian fossil fuels “well before 2030”.

Those plans, including a mandate to refill EU gas storage to 90% at least before the next winter season, will be discussed by EU leaders when they meet in Brussels for a two-day summit starting on Thursday (24 March).

But Poland’s largest electricity utility, the state-owned PGE, also warned against ditching gas entirely, saying fossil gas will still be needed as a transition fuel in key sectors like district heating.

“I understand that this is the time for the whole of Europe to pull ourselves together and strengthen our ambition,” said Wanda Buk, vice-president for regulatory affairs at Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE).

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