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utiliVisor Partners with Maritime College to Prepare for New Training Vessel and SUNY Sustainability Goals

By District Energy posted 04-05-2022 16:23




In a short video interview, Chris Angerame, vice president of engineering at utiliVisor, a leader in utility submetering and plant optimization, talks with facilities team members at Maritime College about current operational challenges, which include preparing for the delivery of Maritime’s new training ship while continuing toward Maritime’s clean energy and sustainability goals.

Maritime College is a unique member of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. Located just outside New York City, Maritime prepares its engineering students for the global marine transportation industry as well as landside facility operations through classroom, regimental/Coast Guard, and hands-on training. The new ship will help the college continue that mission since the current training ship, in use since 1989, will soon reach the end of its service life. 

Adding another ship to its pier will require the college to bring in a new electrical feeder line from Con Edison to provide enough capacity to power the ship, as well as transformers to step up the voltage, new steam condensate pipe to heat the ship when docked, and potable water, sewer and data lines.  

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