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International District Energy Association Announces "We're Built for This" Decarbonization Video

By District Energy posted 06-21-2022 06:32

Around the world, investments in district energy infrastructure are accelerating the shift to lower carbon solutions for cities, communities and campuses.
IDEA has produced a new video, "We're Built for This", to demonstrate the flexibility, reliability and resiliency of district energy systems and how they continue to evolve to leverage new technologies and lower carbon resources.

If you are in the district energy industry, we urge you to use this video to help inform how district energy systems achieve economies of scale by aggregating the energy needs of multiple customer buildings. If you're learning about district energy for the first time or thinking about implementing district energy, please visit for additional resources.

If you are an IDEA member and would like a customized version of this video with insertion of your logo at the end, please contact Jason Beal at
District energy - We’re Built for This.