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City Announces Sustainable Future Through District Energy Partnerships

By District Energy posted 10-19-2022 07:22


City of Kamloops


The City of Kamloops has signed a pivotal memorandum of understanding with Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and Creative Energy to explore the possibility of connecting the city to a new, low-carbon district energy system.

“The signing of this memorandum of understanding marks a significant step forward in achieving goals laid out by our Community Climate Action Plan,” commented Mayor Ken Christian. “By working together toward a common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we’re helping to create a healthier community for future generations.”

In January 2022, TRU, an academic and research university, and Creative Energy, a leading district energy developer, partnered to develop a low-carbon district energy system to heat campus infrastructure in Kamloops. In reaching the memorandum of understanding, the City will optimize this planned network and modern, low-carbon technology to bring sustainable energy to residents and students of Kamloops. 

“We are proud to be a part of the Kamloops community, educating and engaging with local students for the last 50 years,” said Matt Milovick, TRU’s Vice-President, Administration and Finance. “We are delighted to continue our legacy and impact on future generations with this district energy system, providing an opportunity for the City to tap into a reliable, environmentally friendly solution to meet essential climate action goals.”

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