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Blatchford District Energy Sharing System Sewage Heat Exchange

By District Energy posted 12-08-2022 12:43


Canadian Architect


At the corner of Princess Elizabeth Avenue NW and 109th Street NW in Edmonton, sewage is about to intersect with sculptural form. The Blatchford Redevelopment, which aims to transform decommissioned airport lands into Canada’s first carbon neutral community, will rely on several renewable energy centres to provide more than 90% of the energy for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water to up to 30,000 residents. One part of this District Energy Sharing System (DESS), the Blatchford Sewer Heat Exchange (SHX) commands attention visually and functionally. It will extract thermal energy from the 2,400-mm combined sewer trunk located on the site. The facility’s Sharc 880 packaged units for solids removal and heat exchange, in combination with several heat pumps, will provide an average February heating capacity of 6,600 kW and an average August cooling capacity of 6,600 kW. 

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