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Integrating Renewable Energy Sources to Optimize District Heating

By District Energy posted 03-15-2023 10:31


Renewable Energy Magazine


District energy systems offer a tremendous opportunity to integrate energy efficiency and renewables in urban buildings. Modern motor and drive technologies can unlock their full potential cost-effectively, says Torben Poulsen, Business Development Manager, Drives, ABB Motion

District heating systems use a network of insulated pipes that takes heat from central energy sources and distribute it across a neighborhood or entire city. This approach is technology agnostic and can switch between available heat sources, depending on actual cost and demand. However, energy efficiency is a constant critical success factor irrespective of the heat source.

The sources of thermal energy distributed by district energy systems vary. It might be a facility that provides a dedicated supply to the heat network, such as a combined heat and power plant (CHP), large scale heat pumps, or “waste” heat from industrial processes or large data centers.

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