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Governor Polis Signs on for Thermal Energy in Colorado’s Clean Energy Future

By District Energy posted 05-16-2023 22:41


Pagosa Daily Post


Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed HB23-1252 — The Thermal Energy Act, which expands the definition of a clean heat resource to include thermal energy systems; requires the Public Utilities Commission to create rules around this technology; and encourages developers to propose new thermal energy pilot projects. The bill was sponsored by State Representatives Sheila Lieder and Cathy Kipp and State Senators Tony Exum and Chris Hansen.

“By encouraging the expansion of thermal energy systems, we are growing green jobs potential in the state,” said Rep Lieder. “Not only does this mean high-road jobs for energy workers in Colorado—thermal energy systems also make our buildings more efficient, driving down utility costs for ratepayers. HB23-1252 is a win-win opportunity for Colorado’s workers, communities, and environment.”

“This bill will allow Coloradans to get access to reliable, affordable, and carbon-free heating and cooling by allowing gas utilities to employ proven thermal heat technology,” said Sen. Hansen. “In 2021, my colleagues and I worked to get clean heat plans adopted, and I am excited that this bill will accelerate that work and create thousands of clean jobs in Colorado.”

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