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IFC Vice President: The promise of geothermal in Central Asia

By District Energy posted 05-08-2024 09:46




The world urgently needs solutions to the climate crisis. From artificial intelligence to electric vehicles, we are increasingly turning towards technology – and rightly so. But sometimes, there’s already a solution at hand – or in this case – right under our feet.

Geothermal solutions, if applied smartly and on a large scale, can provide stable heating in winter, cooling in summer, clean power year-round, and create jobs and business opportunities in the process. Countries in my region need these types of solutions.

Geothermal heating and cooling solutions are not just a luxury good for EU countries or the United States that are investing in them. They provide long-term benefits for their citizens. In fact, according to US estimates, about 28 million households could be connected to geothermal district heating systems nationwide by 2050, resulting in potential savings of at least $300 billion over the same period.

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