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Construction of Geo-Exchange System to Begin in June

By District Energy posted 05-23-2024 09:41




Construction to shift Dartmouth’s steam-based energy systems away from fossil fuels is set to begin June 17 with the installation of piping and electrical duct banks in multiple locations that will enable the transition from steam to hot-water heating using geo-exchange technology.

The work follows President Sian Leah Beilock’s April 22 announcement of the Dartmouth Climate Collaborative, a commitment to address climate change and sustainability on campus and beyond.

“This is breaking new and important ground in our efforts to meaningfully address climate change and sustainability at Dartmouth,” says Josh Keniston, senior vice president of capital planning and campus operations. 

“Dartmouth’s aging infrastructure—some of which is more than 100 years old—is in dire need of repair and modernization. Rather than sinking resources into outdated and inefficient systems, we will take this opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint in a lasting way through a comprehensive geo-exchange system.”

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