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Embracing energy efficiency: How to make most of missed opportunities?

By District Energy posted 05-28-2024 14:38


Arabian Business


In an era where the imperative to combat climate change is more urgent than ever, energy efficiency stands out as one of the most powerful tools we have. Yet, despite its potential, significant barriers remain that prevent widespread adoption.

This achievement aligns with the UAE’s strategic objectives to develop a more sustainable, self-reliant, and efficient water and energy sector. The plant, located approximately 45 kilometres north of Abu Dhabi city, will meet the water demands of more than 350,000 households, highlighting its crucial role in supporting local communities and industries while advancing national sustainability goals.

Another notable example is the Shams Development District Cooling Plant (DCP) in Dubai. By adopting high-efficiency motors and advanced plant systems, the DCP set a new standard for energy efficiency in district cooling. The UAE government has been instrumental in driving these improvements as part of its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, optimise operational costs, and maximise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), demonstrating how policy and technological advancements can work together to achieve significant energy savings and environmental benefits.

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