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In Northern Spain, a Light and Lambent “Cathedral of Energy”

By District Energy posted 05-28-2024 15:32




From power plants to transformer stations, energy infrastructure tends to be an urban eyesore. What’s more, the environmental costs often remain staggeringly high, with coal and natural gas still accounting for approximately half of the global electricity output. It’s no wonder, then, that we so often try to put it all out of sight. Conversely, clean energy infrastructure should be something to celebrate. In the quaint Spanish town of Palencia, the striking 1,960-square-metre DH Ecoenergías hub does just that.

Designed by Madrid-based practice FRPO Rodríguez & Oriol, the landmark facility is situated some on the urban outskirts of the city — which is itself located some 200 kilometres north of the capital. Built to supply hot water to over 3,000 households, the building houses the nexus of a district heating network primarily powered by the biomass of Spain’s forests.

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