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Paris is transforming an industrial neighborhood into the Olympic Village—and then turning it into permanent housing

By District Energy posted 06-05-2024 17:21


Fast Company


When thousands of athletes move into the Olympic Village on the outskirts of Paris next month, they’ll be staying in buildings that were ultimately designed for another use: to become part of a sustainable new neighborhood. It’s the opposite of what has happened in previous Olympics, when cities have tried to figure out what to do with relics of the Games as an afterthought.

The buildings are designed to be as sustainable as possible, with construction that produces 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than standard construction. The section led by UAPS, called Quinconce, uses wood rather than steel in smaller buildings, and low-carbon concrete in taller buildings. Low-carbon ceramic tiles are on the facade. The buildings will use little energy; instead of standard air-conditioning, they rely on geothermal heating and cooling developed by ENGIE and passive design strategies like thick insulation and carefully placed shading. The taller buildings have solar panels on the roof that will send power back into the grid.

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