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St. Paul’s chief resilience officer, is pushing geothermal heating, public transit and more

By District Energy posted 06-11-2024 16:32


Yahoo! News


With federal grant help, heat from river effluent — the treated water that cycles through the Metropolitan Council’s wastewater treatment plant by Pig’s Eye Lake — can be captured and rerouted into the downtown district energy system, which heats and cools a majority of St. Paul’s downtown buildings.

“If we could get off of fossil fuels, you’re essentially decarbonizing a lot of downtown,” Stark said. “We’ll continue to pursue it even if we don’t get (the federal grant). It will just be on a slower track.”

Also on the horizon are geothermal heating and cooling projects at the future North End Community Center, the Como Park Zoo and in a planned new district energy system at the Heights, the future housing and business development planned at the former site of the Hillcrest Country Club.

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