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Schools of Helsinki piloting new methods for reducing district heating emissions

By District Energy posted 30 days ago


City of Helsinki


The City of Helsinki and Helen Ltd are seeking to revolutionise the way that buildings regulate their consumption of district heating. The two-year pilot project involves developing solutions aiming at demand response in heating to enable property owners to reduce their heating costs and take part in the climate effort.

In the pilot project launching this autumn, Helen and the City of Helsinki will experiment with heating optimisation by means of AI technology at schools and sports fields. The objective is to achieve a technological revolution that can be scaled up to cover the entire property stock of the City.
The heating system of the buildings taking part in the pilot can be adjusted in various ways. For example, the building can be purposefully heated slightly more than usual in the morning if Helsinki is expecting extremely cold weather and a district heating consumption spike in the afternoon. This way, the building will need less district heating during the consumption spike, explains Chief Energy Specialist Kalevi Härkönen from the City of Helsinki.


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