NHS Lothian to Save £644 Thousand on Energy Annually

By District Energy posted 01-14-2019 00:00


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Vital Energi has been awarded the project to upgrade and improve the existing energy center and infrastructure of St. John's Hospital in Livingston. Scotland, which will save 2,649 tonnes of carbon and an estimated £644 thousand per year.

The scheme will see the existing 30 year old steam boiler plant upgraded to include a 1.5MW CHP engine, three 5MW steam boilers and new chimney flues. Waste heat will also be captured from the laundry area and used to generate heating and hot water around the hospital to maximize energy savings. This innovative system has been designed to divert the high temperature condensate return into a new 300kw plate heat exchanger to transfer the waste heat omitted from the laundry area and convert it into low temperature hot water to be distributed around the hospital's heating system. This will provide significant carbon and financial savings for the scheme as using the wasted heat will provide financial savings of approximately £26,249 per annum.

A new smart SCADA monitoring system will be installed to monitor, control and optimize the energy scheme to maximize financial savings, improve supply resilience and minimize carbon emissions.

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