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Intelligent Dog Breeds That Are Great Emotional Support Animals 

The number of emotional support animals(ESAs) is on the rise in recent years and amongst them, dogs are the most popular ESAs. Dogs and human companionship dates back to thousands of years with dogs being part of the hunting packs as well as part of the household living. Dogs have been used for many things, they have a range of characteristics that make them suitable to be pet animals for different conditions and requirements. 

An emotional support animal caters to the emotional and mental conditions of its companion. An ESA dog is well suited to give its companion the much needed emotional support. Thanks to its characteristics that are defined differently from one breed to another. The fiery assistance animal letter or ESA letter is a genuine report or plan gave by LMHP to people who experience the slippery impacts of physical or mental disillusionment and need to have an ESA as a bit of their treatment.

One thing that makes the various dog breeds suitable for being ESAs is their intelligence. It is demonstrated through its ability to be trained in various tasks, through its calm temperament in various situations, and its adaptability, through its level of obedience and following commands. This can also come about as the pet animal’s understanding of the emotional state of its companion, knowing and behaving according to the emotional state of the human companions. 

The need for intelligence in ESAs

People with emotional or mental problems and difficulties need their ESAs to be with them at all times, this means putting them in situations that they might not be accustomed to. One such situation is to be inflight in the passenger cabin with their human companion. An intelligent pet dog will adapt to the situation, the boarding process, the liftoff, the crowded cabin, etc. Moreover, the pet will be obedient, calm, and non-confrontational at all times, complying with the instruction of its human companion, and in no way causing a nuisance for him/her. 

Even inside a house or an apartment, it helps for the emotional support animal to be easily trainable, well behaved, aware of your situation, and ever-obedient. The pet owners wouldn’t want their pet to be a source of nuisance to their neighbors and those with who they live. Otherwise, the ESA dog will in return become a source of worry and deteriorate their emotional condition further.

The various breeds that are known for their intelligence

Border Collie

Border Collie is one of the most humble and loving dog breeds. They are excellent herders and are very apt at outdoor activities. This is partly due to their high intelligence. Amazingly these dogs can be most easily trained and can learn new commands in a very short time span. 


Poodles are widely known to be intelligent pet animals that can accompany you both inside and outside your homes. Its hypoallergenic low shedding coat makes it a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. These poodles are known to adapt to new situations and upon sensing your discomfort, the poodle will be there for you.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs around. Their intelligence and abilities are such that it is widely used as a service animal, as a police dog, as a therapy dog, etc. These intelligent animals are very easily trained and can be part of your loving family and can accompany you outside too.

Golden Retriever

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the all-rounder Golden Retriever. Originally bred to be hunter companions and for retrieving waterfowl and docs, the Golden Retriever has gone on to be a perfect family dog and can be a good ESA dog even if you have children and others around in your house. If you want to register your pet dog as an ESA then you should know everything about the emotional support dog letter.


Not many toy breeds get into the intelligent category. Papillon, however, is highly trainable and very agile and makes for a good companion and an ESA dog, especially if the person is an outdoor person.

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