COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness


In response to the complex challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, IDEA has convened a Working Group to help our members and other affected individuals get essential resources and information you need to help you navigate this unprecedented event.  We are all learning that you just can't be prepared enough for an event like this and it is best if we all work together to come up with solutions. 

IDEA submitted a letter to the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommending that district energy systems be added to the listing of essential infrastructure workforce.  Download a copy of the letter for your own use locally.

IDEA Letter to DHC CISA re District Energy as Essential Infrastructure Workforce

Check back on this web page often for the latest information. 

IDEA Working Group Webinar

The first call with the IDEA Working Group took place on Monday, March 23 at 1:30 pm EDT.  It is now available to you as a free webinar. 
The purpose of this call was to get the conversation started with industry leaders on specific issues of relevance in managing a district energy system in these unprecedented times. You can listen to the webinar, view the slide deck, and read the key takeaways by clicking the links below.

Listen to IDEA Working Group Webinar
View Slides from COVID-19 Webinar
Read Key Takeaways

If after listening, you would like to contribute to the IDEA Working Group, please email Your expertise is welcome!

Members Helping Members - Shared Resources

IDEA is honored to serve to nearly 2500 members worldwide, many of whom are willing to share resources and ideas on behalf of the industry. Below are  resources we have received from IDEA members that might help you as you look to implement policies and procedures in your workplace.

If you have resources you would like to share, please send to 

Ever-Green Energy - Critical Infrastructure Worker Transit Worker

As more and more states institute emergency order requiring all businesses and organizations that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services” to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, it may become important for you to petition local, state and federal government to recognize your work as 'mission critical' and your employees as 'essential'.

In response, Ever-Green Energy created an Infrastructure Transit letter for employees as proof to local authorities that their work is essential. Read it below.

Essential Employee Transit Document

Enwave - Information Sharing through Sharepoint

In an effort to simplify communications with staff during an ever-evolving crisis, Enwave has created a Sharepoint file with relevant updates in areas like Prevention, Symptoms and Resources. By placing these resources in an internal Sharepoint file, any updates to information will be pushed to staff in real time. View a screen shot of Enwave's Sharepoint home page below.

View Enwave Sharepoint Document

Enwave has also generously provided three documents designed to help employers and managers mitigate risk in the current climate. You can download the Manager's Tool Kit, along with Employee Travel and Employee Sick Logs by clicking below. 

Managers Tool Kit - COVID-19      Employee Travel Log         Employee Sick Log

Federal, State, and Local Directives

As Federal, State and Local officials continue to issue public health directives at a rapid pace, IDEA will keep track of those that could affect your workplace. Please click the links below for more information, and forward any updates specific to your community to

The organization Multi-State has published a Policy Tracker section of their website that highlights state and local activity, stay-at-home orders, and state legislation in response to COVID-19. It is quite extensive and recommended as a quick resource for the latest information.

COVID-19 Policy Tracker

IDEA will also track relevant directives below.

COVID-19 Federal, State, Local Directives

IDEA Connect

IDEA Connect is our online chatroom where you can pose a question about the challenges you're facing in dealing with COVID-19 in your workplace, or join in an existing conversation to share expertise with others. And, if you are in need of urgent assistance (perhaps looking for a critical part you can't get for your system), please post  We encourage you to connect with the IDEA community today through IDEA Connect.

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