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Bernhard company rebranding its energy business while shooting for Fortune 500 status

Stephanie Riegel, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Power Play: With a vision of building a Fortune 500 company in Baton Rouge, Bernhard Energy Solutions CEO Steve Nathanson is rebranding the company and focusing its mission on high efficiency energy systems. (Photo by Don Kadair) ...

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Alternative Financing Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

Summary With the cost of energy usage accounting for over half of the typical O&M budget, reducing this cost provides the best opportunity to reduce the cost structure of the enterprise. The primary roadblock with this is acquiring the capital funds required to implement the energy...


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Adversary vs. Partner: the Local Utility and the University

Summary The relationship between the local utility and the university is frequently fraught with peril. With a dynamic infrastructure, universities need clear and predictable rate structures - but utilities’ interests frequently do not overlap with those of the university. These diverging...