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Innovation, ingenuity and new smart energy systems

Steve Hodgson, Decentralized Energy Summary In many parts of the world, electricity systems have already moved some way from centralized systems that simply distributed power one way from large and remote generating stations, through transmission and distribution grids to consumers. But new,...

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Was 2017 the Year Global Energy Giants Went All-In on the Distributed Energy Revolution?

Jeff St. John, Greentech Media Summary It's been an interesting year for mergers and acquisitions in the distributed energy space, with some unexpected developments. We haven't seen the same massive M&A deals of years past, such as GE’s purchase of Alstom or Honeywell’s acquisition of...

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Empower backs Dubai demand side management strategy

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider and member of IDEA, has reaffirmed its continuing support to the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy (DSM). The initiative aims to...

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Alectra Utilities CEO: 'Someone's going to cannibalize our business — it may as well be us'

Gavin Bade, Utility Dive Summary Canadian electricity provider Alectra Utilities is living a distributed energy reality most U.S. utilities can only dream of. Formed early this year through the merger of four municipal utilities outside of Toronto, Alectra is now the second-largest...

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Demand-Side Management Strategies for Campus Labs: Penn State Case Study

Summary This presentation outlines the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures and demand side management in campus labs by examining activities at Penn State University. Speakers Tim Burkhalter, Burns & McDonnell Blake Ellis, Burns & McDonnell #PennState ...

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Take Control of your Hydronic Systems with Differential Pressure Control

Summary In this seminar presentation we will look into ways of optimizing hydronic systems to save energy and achieve perfect indoor climate. We will look into how differential pressure changes affect your hydronic system controls and what can be done to achieve great control and authority for...


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District Energy and the Industrial IoT: Benefits of a Connected System

Summary This presentation will demystify the Industrial Internet of Things, explain the concept of a "platform" and show how connected systems benefit the District Energy industry. We will explore the use of data to provide various stakeholders with actionable information to drive visibility,...


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Smart Metering Logic in Sustaining Energy

Summary The presentation explains Empower’s innovation in developing solutions to deliver efficient district cooling service and sustainable energy systems. Speaker Malalla Al Ali, Empower Energy Solutions #DemandSideManagement #2016 #Empower #DistrictCooling #ConferenceProceeding...


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Sufficient Metering: Best Practice for Thermal Energy Metering

Summary Aquametro AG presents a European perspective on the motivation behind thermal energy metering and best practices on implementing systems, including a compelling total cost of ownership analysis on different options. Speaker Franz Durmeier, Aquametro AG #ThermalDistribution ...


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Predictive Cost Optimization Using Model Predictive Control

Summary Summarizes the Stanford Energy System Innovation (SESI) sustainability project. SESI was designed to meet energy needs of the Stanford campus through at least 2050. After four years of planning and three years of construction the facility came online in 2015. This presentation relates...