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The FAES Energy Centre at TELUS Garden

The TELUS Garden development features a central energy plant with high efficiency heat pumps and waste heat recovery from the TELUS Data Centre. Peaking and backup energy is supplied from Creative Energy’s Steam System. The TELUS Garden energy centre is owned and operated by FortisBC Alternative...

FAES Telus Garden Presentation for IDEA 2018-public.pdf

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New concept aims to create 'energy positive' cities

Mark Sutton, The Spark Power City data centre will feature a stone core. (Snøhetta/Plompmozes) Summary A new concept for data centres could see excess heat provide energy to create ‘energy positive' cities. The concept, which is currently undergoing testing in Norway, will use...

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Edmonton's Example: District Energy Sharing System in Blatchford

Summary The City of Edmonton is establishing the Blatchford Renewable Energy Utility, a new city owned utility to achieve the long-term goal for future carbon neutral community of 30,000 residents that will use 100% renewable energy. Buildings must be designed and constructed for heating,...


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District Energy With Building Energy Sharing

Summary The City of Coquitlam chose a Thermenex solution to reduce resource consumption and carbon emissions for a group of four municipal buildings. The system utilizes a hybrid of localized and centralized thermal energy systems that work together to provide energy sharing between the...


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Westhills District Energy Sharing System, How Does Performance Meet Design Expectations

Summary This presentations looks at the engineering challenges of designing a low temperature district energy system that provides both heating and cooling for a low density housing development in Langford BC. How well were those challenges handled in the implementation and operation, based on...


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Europe gets Energy Smart

Peter Judge, Datacenter Dynamics Summary Europe has a large population spread across multiple countries - there are 28 in the European Union and around 50 in the continent as a whole - with a huge and growing demand for mobile and digital services. The nations have a wide array of energy...

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How Yandex is heating a Finnish city with its data centre’s surplus energy

Laura Mullan, Gigabit Magazine Summary At a time when sustainability is a key talking point in the data centre space, one of Europe’s largest internet companies is blowing the competition away with sustainable data centre operations Grappling with some of the largest behemoths in the tech...

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Three hints to make climate-friendly cooling possible today

Jürgen Fischer, Danfoss Cooling, Cooling EU Summary It is estimated that 10% of all CO2 emissions are caused by cooling. [1] Let that sink in for a moment. Our need for temperature control has a significant impact on our planet’s well-being and, with a growing population and increased...

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This data center's excess heat will help warm thousands of homes

Stig Øyvann, ZDNet Digiplex and Stockholm Exergi say their large-scale heat reuse agreement is a world's first. Image: Åke Eson Lindman/Digiplex Summary A Stockholm data center's heat exchangers are being linked up to the city's heating network. Nordic data-center operator...