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Helsinki Seeks to Be Carbon Neutral by 2035

Press Release, City of Helsinki, Marketwired HELSINKI, FINLAND--(Marketwired - September 29, 2017) - Helsinki City Council voted unanimously on September 27, 2017, to pass a proposal for a new city strategy including the goal to render Helsinki carbon neutral by 2035. The vote accelerated the...

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COGEN Europe highlights CHP potential for EU targets

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary There is a big incentive for backing combined heat and power , according to advocacy group COGEN Europe – the technology can go a long way towards meeting the EU’s emission reduction targets. CHP installations could provide Europe with up...

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Small Scale CHP Using the Rankine Cycle: Case Studies from Europe

Summary Over the last 30 years, Turboden has developed ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbogenerators for CHP biomass plants in more than 80 district heating networks in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe; especially in the range of 1 to 2 MWe. These plants are based on the distributed CHP model...


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Serbia: EU Supports 903 m² Solar District Heating Installation

Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World Summary Throughout the last years, the EU has been criticised for many things, and the UK has now been the first to decide on leaving. Still, there are good examples of how the union can benefit even non-member countries. For instance, there is a project called...

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Solar thermal in US and Denmark

Summary The presentation will outline the developments within larger solar thermal installations and their benefits for hot water district energy networks. In cities in Denmark solar thermal installations account for up to 50% of the heat demand when coupled with seasonal storage. In St Paul,...


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The Hague: Using Big Data to plan for renewable thermal energy districts

Summary The Hague is the third city in The Netherlands, with about 1 million inhabitants in the bigger The Hague region. The Hague uses big data analyses the determine where which sustainable, affordable energy techniques should be applied. In this presentation attendees will learn about the...


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Smart and Submetering for Hot-Water DH Systems

Summary Copenhagen has been gradually converting parts of its district heating network from steam to hot water. The presentation will focus on the practical experiences from doing that in a major European city where works have to be coordinated with other utilities while at the same time...


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4GDH: The newest DH generation

Summary This presentation discusses the possibilities of fourth generation district heating technologies, specifically pressurized water. Speaker Oddgeir Gudmundsson, Danfoss Heating #EuropeanUnion #HotWater #2016 #Danfoss #NorthandCentralEurope #DistrictHeating ...


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Optimization of Localized Energy Services for Commercial Portfolio Owners

Summary A review of the factors that are combined to make distributed energy systems a popular and smart play for all. Speaker Stephen Cook, Arup #EnergyEfficiency #EuropeanUnion #AnnualConference #ARUP #2016 #EmissionsReduction #ConferenceProceeding #NorthandCentralEurope ...


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Public Private Partnerships in District Energy

Summary The presentation will focus on new business models and partnership structures that enable the flow of capital to new and developing district energy projects. Various examples from other energy sectors will be displayed as well some district heating projects under development. The...