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Developing District Heating in Ireland

Donna Gartland, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Summary Imagine life without fear of leaving on the immersion? Guest blogger, Donna Gartland, Executive Energy Planner with Codema – Dublin’s Energy Agency, writes about how Ireland needs to start looking to sustainable alternatives like...

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Enhancing Microgrid Performance and Economics with Energy Storage

Summary Microgrids provide efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, and integration of renewable power. Energy Storage (ES) enhances their resiliency & flexibility, and maximizes use of intermittent wind or solar. If microgrids are purely electric, ES defaults to batteries with low efficiency,...


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Panel Discussion: Control of Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage Tanks - Including Multiple Tanks

Summary Panel Discussion: Many campus District Cooling networks now use, or are considering to use of, Chilled Water (CHW) Thermal Energy Storage (TES). These tanks are atmospheric pressure (vented) vessels, which are coupled to pressurized CHW networks. Accordingly, care must be taken...


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Thermal Energy Storage, a Sustainable Solution for District Growth and Future Energy Needs

Summary In 2014, the Alamo Colleges District (ACD) successfully completed the installation of chilled water thermal energy storage (TES) tanks on three of its campuses. TES tanks are providing a sustainable solution to meet the cooling needs of an increasing student population and a growing...


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Thermal Energy Storage "Down Under"

Summary This presentation will include an overview of the 2 million gallon chilled water TES tank project at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. This is a unique TES application because the chilled water tank is fully buried under the student parking lot. The presentation will...


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Enwave Chicago To Cool 601W’s Old Main Post Office

Press Release, Business Wire CHICAGO--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Enwave North America (Enwave) and The 601W Companies (601W) are partnering to cool Chicago’s iconic old main post office – The Post Office – using North America’s largest ice battery and chilled-water distribution system. ...

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It’s Official: Fast-Growing Microgrid Developer EPS Now Part of Engie

Elisa Wood, Microrid Knowledge Summary French utility giant Engie closed last week on a majority stake in Electro Power Systems (EPS), a fast-growing energy storage and microgrid developer with offices in Milan and Paris. The acquisition is among several by Engie into green and innovative...

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District Heating Retrofits: Finding the Balance Between Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Net Present Value

Summary Ecosystem will share insights on how their initiatives will result in drastic energy and GHG emission reduction, while maximizing Net Present Value. They will discuss the impact of steam to hot water conversion, heat recovery chillers, combined heat and power, energy storage and other...


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5 Energy Trends to Watch

Emily Holbrook, Energy Manager Today Summary The energy industry is undergoing constant change. From evolving energy storage technology to energy efficiency breakthroughs and upgraded commercial energy management systems, the industry’s advancements should be harnessed by companies. ...