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Allied, Enwave and Riocan to accelerate expansion of thermal energy system in Toronto

Press Release, News Wire New thermal energy storage tanks at 'The Well' development will provide year-round, low-carbon cooling and heating services to Toronto's downtown west. TORONTO , Feb. 8, 2018 /CNW/ - Allied Properties REIT ("Allied") (TSX: AP.UN), Enwave Energy Corporation ...

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Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan 2017, Delivering Fairness and Choice

Summary Ontario's 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, Delivering Fairness and Choice, provides a road map of the province's energy system over the next 20 years. The government engaged with people across the province through in-person meetings, online feedback and formal submissions. District Energy...


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Expanding Delta T in Enwave's Cooling System

Summary Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling System is continuing to grow and attract customers throughout the fastest growing city in North America. This growth presents a welcome challenge to look to creative ways to leverage existing assets and optimize operations. This presentation will...


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Speed to Market: Fast Track Project Implementation

Summary Why the Need for Speed? How Do I Go Fast? Design Bid Build with Early Procurement Construction Manager (CM at Risk or CM Agent) Design – Build What is Different? / How Do I Do It? Compare and contrast the methods Case Studies Purdue University Chiller Replacement Enwave ...


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Technology Change, New-Age Adsorption Recuperative Power & Cooling

Summary This presentation introduces a new type of hybrid adsorption system that offers unique capabilities to reduce electric power consumption for air conditioning, or increase summer load in district heating systems, in the cooling season and provide supplemental power generation in the off...


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Tunnel Communications Systems

Summary The workshop details Enwave's operations in Toronto, focusing specifically on an overview of Enwave Toronto, a description of Enwave's Tunnel System, technical details on Tunnel Communication, info on tunnel communication protocol and tunnel rescue procedure. Speaker Joyce Lee,...


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Enwave Expands Canadian Presence

Press Release, Globe Newswire July 5, 2017 TORONTO, July 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enwave Energy Corporation ("Enwave") is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the district energy systems in London, Ontario and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island from Veresen Inc. The...

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Enwave USA acquires three West Coast District Energy systems

Enwave USA , through affiliates of Enwave Energy Corporation ("Enwave"), announced today, June 23, the completion of the acquisition of district energy systems in Los Angeles, Portland OR, and Las Vegas. Enwave is a member of the International District Energy Association (IDEA). The Los...

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Enwave Grows Into Thermal Energy Powerhouse

Paul Brent, Real Estate News Exchange April 27, 2017 Summary Residents of the GTA likely immediately think of Enwave Energy Corporation as a provider of green, chilled water to Toronto’s skyscrapers drawn from the depths of Lake Ontario. It turns out there is so much more to the Toronto...

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District Energy Space Awards 2015

Each year, IDEA asks all of its member systems to provide the number of buildings and their area in square feet that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service during the previous calendar year. We report the number of buildings, gross square foot area and thermal energy...

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