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Solar District Cup

Track: Poster Presenter Joseph Simon, National Renewable Energy Laboratory #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #CampusEnergyConference #2020 #NREL #RenewableEnergy #SolarThermal


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How to Procure Outcomes to Advance District Energy and Sustainability Goals

Summary Procure outcomes, not widgets: Using procurement to achieve zero energy and save money. Procurement that focuses on results and outcomes, rather than commodities, leads to better results. Our presenters will discuss the merits and pitfalls of procurement and contracting mechanisms...


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Accelerating Zero Energy Communities of the Future

Summary Through the Zero Energy District Accelerator, DOE is working with six pioneering zero energy districts to achieve ambitious energy goals. Accelerator partners are using best practice approaches to realize energy performance goals for the entire building and district lifecycle. Their...


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U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition

Solar Novus Today Summary The National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( NREL ) announced a new competition to engage college students in reimagining how energy is generated, managed, and used in a district—the U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition Funded...

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3 thought-provoking things from 'The future of energy: Can we get to zero carbon?' forum in Pittsburgh

Scott Blanchard, WITF Summary Three experts whose work focuses on issues related to climate change discussed whether it's possible for the U.S. to eventually get its electricity from carbon-emission-free sources -- and what that might look like. Paulina Jaramillo, Ivonne Peña and Greg Reed...

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The US Department of Energy’s National Wind Technology Center (NWTC): Research Facility Provides Insight to the Future of Microgrids

Summary The NWTC, located near Boulder, Colorado, is the nation’s premier site for testing the integration of renewable energysources into large and small electrical grids. An array of facilities enable researchers to simulate specific grid conditions and the NWTC’s “virtual grid” allows...

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Microgrid/Smartgrid Research Facility: Scope, Hazards Analysis and Research Focus

Summary This one of a kind facility broke new ground in terms of renewable energy systems integration. Problems solved included new frontiers on energy included DC arc flash and DC component sourcing. Lessons learned included pioneering of SCADA system allowing for flexibility/optimization of...

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NREL Announces Partnership with Panasonic and Xcel Energy

Press Release, Power Magazine July 21, 2017 Project Optimizes Denver’s Peña Station NEXT Net-Zero Energy Development The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is partnering with Panasonic Corporation and Xcel Energy to simulate and optimize the...

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Saving Water and Operating Costs at NREL's HPC Data Center

Summary National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Sandia National Laboratories partnered with Johnson Controls to deploy the company's BlueStream™ Hybrid Cooling System at NREL’s HPC datacenter to significantly reduce water consumption associated with evaporative cooling towers....