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Hydraulic Modeling Driving the Business Case of the Boston-Cambridge system CHP

Summary Veolia’s continued effort to expand cogenerated steam within the Boston and Cambridge steam systems has resulted in a very competitive, yet very complicated combined-city network. Hydraulic modeling played a key role in connecting a strategically located cogeneration resource and...

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An Emerging Steam Power Production Technology for District Energy Systems: Overview and Case Study

Speakers Joshua Tolbert, Practical Steam #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #PracticalSteam #Operations #EnergyEfficiency #Seattle #Washington


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Central Plant Retro-commissioning at Boston Logan International Airport

Summary Sebesta has worked with Massport for the past three years planning, designing, and implementing a retro-commissioning project at Massport’s central plant, reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions by 30%. This Case Study will provide an overview of the Retro-commissioning process...


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Con Edison System Hardening Post Sandy

Speakers Christina Ho & Evan Yager, Con Edison #MasterPlanningandSystemDesign #AnnualConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #ConsolidatedEdisonofNewYork #Resiliency #NewYorkCity #Steam #StormManagement ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Longer lasting manual actuators in steam and water distribution valves

Summary Manual valve actuators on steam and water distribution system valves have a short life due to the corrosive environment. Currently their materials do not match the materials used in the valves. This presentation would review new technology available in corrosion protection and sealing...


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Innovative Drying Solution for Flooded Steam Pipes

Summary Water that floods, infiltrates and remains trapped in the annular space and insulation of underground energy distribution systems, if left unaddressed, can compromise the piping to a point where it can fail. We have developed and field-proven a portable, effective and economical system...


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Metering of Steam, Hot Water, and Chilled Water

Summary This workshop overviews the type of products available for metering steam and water systems. Speakers Richard Gruskos, Kessler-Ellis Products Co #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #Kessler-EllisCo #MeteringandControls #Steam #HotWater

Gruskos-IDEA 2015 Utility Flow Metering for Steam and Chilled Water.pdf

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Designing Desuperheater Options for University of Iowa Low Pressure Steam System

Summary The University of Iowa has experienced issues associated with excessively high temperatures in their low pressure steam system. The University engaged Stanley Consultants to study desuperheater options at the UI power plant and to produce design documents to execute the chosen approach....

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Steam to Hot Water Transition: Duluth Case Study

Summary Transition to a hot water system is key to district energy modernization in Duluth, by increasing the customer base, improving system efficiency, and integrating flexible fuel options. Our team will provide insight to the opportunities and challenges of converting a downtown...

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Living the Dream: University of British Columbia Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Summary In this segment we will follow the many dimensions along with the UBC conversion journey was charted and traveled, exposing valuable lessons during a major community energy transformation. Speaker Paul Holt, University of British Columbia #BritishColumbia ...


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