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Public Private Partnerships: A Successful Option

Speakers Bernt Andersson, Termoekonomi AB #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #BusinessModelsandFinancing #Termoekonomi #CommunityEnergy


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The city where the internet warms people's homes

Erin Biba, BBC Summary “The cloud” is a real place. The pictures you post on Instagram, the happy birthday wishes you leave on Facebook pages, and the TV shows you stream on Netflix aren’t living in a nebulous ball of condensation in the sky. They live on a massive series of servers – all...

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Data Center Firm Expects to Halve Energy Cost by Recycling Heat

Mary Branscombe, DataCenter Knowledge Modern data centers don’t need to be in the middle of nowhere . New approaches to cooling and to building architecture are making urban locations attractive, especially in countries where low-cost renewable energy is plentiful. That’s the...

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New data centre to re-use waste heat to warm 10,000 homes

Ashton Young, Data Center News Summary A new high-density data centre in Stockholm is set to boost Sweden’s ‘clean green’ image even further by reusing waste heat to warm homes. The announcement from Borderlight AB, supplier of advanced IT and Telecom services, revealed the facility will have...

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From Refinery to a Ship - a story about heat recovery projects within Gothenburg Energy

Summary How a commercial Vessel was connected to District Heating Network and the development and installation of Compact District Heating Stations at Gothenburg Energy. At a large automotive plant in Sweden a large heat recovery system based on Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers was replaced by...


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Swedish heat energy system – new tensions and lock-ins after a successful transition

Adis Dzebo and Björn Nykvist, Stokholm Environment Institute July, 2017 Summary This policy brief highlights the successes and challenges Sweden's heat energy system faces as it moves towards a low carbon energy system. Sweden has successfully begun a transition to a low-carbon energy system,...

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Benefits of Trigeneration for University Campuses and Data Centers

Summary Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) or trigeneration plays a critical role in ensuring reliability and efficiency of university campuses and data-centers. Key benefits include increasing efficiency, improving cost-effectiveness, and securing resiliency for critical facilities and...


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"Bigger is not Better" Selecting the most efficient heat exchanger

Summary Will present why oversizing a heat exchanger effects the overall efficiency of the entire system. Increased fouling factor, lower efficiency, higher operating cost are all results of oversizing the HX. Turbulence is the key to an efficient system.Will present why oversizing a heat...


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Mayor Anna Tenje Takes Växjö, Sweden Forward in Championing Renewable Energy

City Talk, a blog by ICLEI June 13, 2017 Summary A Member of ICLEI and the Global 100% Renewable Energy Cities & Regions Network, Växjö, Sweden is leading the way in urban renewable energy strategies, and is on track to become a fossil fuel-free city by 2030. We got in touch with the mayor...

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Stockholm Pursues Climate Holy Grail: a Fossil Fuel-Free Future — Part 3: Clean Heat

John J. Berger, Huffpost June 1, 2017 Summary STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—How did Stockholm’s energy transition begin? To properly answer that question, I went to talk with Gustaf Landahl, the head of the city’s Environment and Health Administration. Landahl has been at the vortex of the planning...