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Sweden's sustainable cities a lesson for Australia

Georgia Clark, Government News Summary The involvement of local government has been essential to Swedish city’s remarkable carbon emissions reduction success, experts say. It calls itself “the greenest city in Europe.” Växjö, a city in southern Sweden’s Kronoberg County, achieved a...

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40 MW ammonia heat pump system installed in Malmö

Charlotte McLaughlin, Ammonia21 Summary Four GEA ammonia heat pumps, each with a heating capacity of 10 MW (in total 40 MW), have been installed at an E.ON-operated district heating plant. Accelerate Europe reports. E.ON, one of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility service...

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Boss of Vattenfall on how the Swedish utility giant is making green energy pay

Jillian Ambrose, The Telegraph Summary T he boss of Sweden’s largest utility appears too tall for the cramped central London meeting room he strides into. Magnus Hall, chief executive of Vattenfall, seems better suited to more expansive horizons; softly rolling hills perhaps – or cold, bright...

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Energy in Sweden 2017

Summary With the publication of Energy in Sweden , the Swedish Energy Agency intends to provide an overall picture of the current situation and development of the energy sector in Sweden. As a complement to the publication, the collection of statistics Energy in Sweden - Facts and Figures ...

Swedish Energy Agency_Energy in Sweden 2017.pdf

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EcoDataCenter plans world's first carbon-positive data centre

TradeArabia Summary EcoDataCenter, a leading Swedish developer of climate-positive data centres, has taken a global lead in this segment and is launching the first carbon positive data centre in the world, in Falun, central Sweden. With data centres expected to consume as much as 20 per...

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Is James Corden right to claim Sweden is a clean, green, ecological paradise?

David Crouch, Ecologist James Corden interviews Lewis Hamilton around the track at Rockingham Motor Speedway for Puma Forever Speed (Credit: Tom Oldham) Summary James Corden – actor, TV comedian, and one of the many who believe Sweden is a clean, green, ecological paradise. Here he is ...

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The right mix of green energy

Uppsala University, In Sweden, we get as much energy from nuclear power (40–45 per cent) as from hydropower. This is followed by wind power at 10–14 per cent. Credit: Istockphoto Summary Can we get by on just renewable energy? Can energy from the sun, wind and water cover our...

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India, Sweden to cooperate in Smart Cities, energy

Business Standard Summary India and Sweden on Tuesday agreed to further deepen their cooperation in the Smart Cities initiative, transport and energy sectors. The two countries will exchange knowledge and explore cooperation on smart cities, including transit-oriented urban...

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This data center's excess heat will help warm thousands of homes

Stig Øyvann, ZDNet Digiplex and Stockholm Exergi say their large-scale heat reuse agreement is a world's first. Image: Åke Eson Lindman/Digiplex Summary A Stockholm data center's heat exchangers are being linked up to the city's heating network. Nordic data-center operator...

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DigiPlex plugs into district heating in Stockholm

Peter Judge, DataCenter Dynamics Summary Waste heat from established data center now goes to good use Nordic data center operator DigiPlex will connect its Stockholm data center to the local district heating system, providing enough hot air to warm 10,000 apartments, thanks to a deal...