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U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fall 2 percent in 2016, led by power industry: EPA

Valerie Volcovici, Reuters Summary WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Greenhouse gas emissions from America’s largest industrial facilities fell 2 percent in 2016 to 2.99 billion tonnes, led by a large cut from the power sector, according to data published on Thursday by the Environmental Protection...

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Getting it all together: Planning and delivery of a city district energy program

Summary This segment will offer practical lessons and strategies from district energy projects in cities all over the globe. Speaker Stephen Cook, Arup #Workshop #DistrictEnergyinCities #AnnualConference #InternationalPerspectives #ARUP #PolicyandRegulation #2016 ...


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Managing Resources and Maintaining Momentum

Summary Cities account for over 70 percent of global energy use and nearly 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Heating and cooling can account for up to half of local energy consumption. Any solution for the climate and energy transition must explicitly address sustainable urban...

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Living the Dream: University of British Columbia Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Summary In this segment we will follow the many dimensions along with the UBC conversion journey was charted and traveled, exposing valuable lessons during a major community energy transformation. Speaker Paul Holt, University of British Columbia #BritishColumbia ...


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Getting Started with District Energy

Summary How does one get started with implementation after a project is deemed feasible? What are the options for scaling a district energy system and maintaining economic alignment with the pace of customer connection and occupancy during construction build-out? What are some successful best...


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Sharpening the focus & narrowing the frame

Summary This workshop focuses on energy mapping and the use of GIS tools. Taking the first step in analyzing district energy opportunities starts with creating an Energy Map that identifies areas of demand as well as current and future sources of energy. Using GIS based resources available in...


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Evaluating District Energy Options

Summary This session will explore a case example using an excel-based energy and economic modelling tool to provide a quick, first order evaluation of district energy and combined heat and power alternatives for a proposed development project. The model provides valuable information to enable...


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District Energy in Cities: The Big Picture

Summary This segment explores how cities and communities can consider economic development and sustainability goals through a community energy planning process, leading to greener energy infrastructure supporting climate adaptation and enhanced community resilience. Speakers Ken Smith, Ever...

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$2.1 M Campus Microgrid Addresses Sustainability Goals Outlined by Pope Francis

Summary This workshop details the University of St. Thomas' microgrid experience. Speaker Greg Mowry, University of St. Thomas #AnnualConference #Minnesota #DistrictEnergyinCities #UnitedStates #2016 #CampusEnergy #NorthAmerica #Workshop #UniversityofStThomas


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Community Energy and Microgrid Ownership Models

Summary This workshop focuses on the experience that Duke University had building and operating their own CHP plant. Speaker Aurel Selezeanu, Duke University #CampusEnergy #Workshop #DukeUniversity #UnitedStates #NorthCarolina #EnergyEfficiency #DukeEnergy #Microgrids ...