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Energy Systems: A View from 2035

Summary Based on the recently published Energy Systems: A view from 2035. This presentation included a vision of the future energy system which has transitioned to a resilient, low-carbon economy. It sets out the practical steps needed now to move towards this future and provides case-studies...


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Designing a Transitional Net Zero Carbon Thermal Network

Summary The presentation will discuss the challenges and relevance of district energy and microgrid approaches with today's carbon goals and policies. The presentation will discuss how the use of old technologies such as thermal networks have a place with today's technology and a role with...


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Arup designs shell of Manchester's new Combined Heat and Power plant Summary The Manchester City Centre has commissioned Arup and architects Tonkin Liu Architects to develop the shell of its new Combined Heat and Power plant chimney. The new plant supports the region’s shift to a more sustainable economic model. The new ‘Tower of Light’...

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Assessing District Energy Feasibility for a Planned Type 1 Eco-District

Summary This presentation will summarize a district energy feasibility study for a potential mixed-use district in San Francisco. The team developed and assessed a variety of generation and distribution configurations for a district system serving new commercial, retail, residential and...

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Repowering LAX: District Cooling, TES & CHP Blend

Summary Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is in the midst of a multi-billion dollar modernization and growth program. Its aged Central Utility Plant and infrastructure has been replaced with a state of the art facility, doubling the capacity of their district cooling system to address...


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Lessons Learned from Integrating High Penetration Renewables into a Campus Microgrid

Summary This microgrid contains multiple MW’s of PV, Fuel Cells with heat recovery, and advanced Energy Storage. The microgrid is able to operate independently of the wider grid with the use of standby diesel generators and maintain campus operations for a working week without grid power. ...


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Getting it all together: Planning and delivery of a city district energy program

Summary This segment will offer practical lessons and strategies from district energy projects in cities all over the globe. Speaker Stephen Cook, Arup #Workshop #DistrictEnergyinCities #AnnualConference #InternationalPerspectives #ARUP #PolicyandRegulation #2016 ...


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Optimization of Localized Energy Services for Commercial Portfolio Owners

Summary A review of the factors that are combined to make distributed energy systems a popular and smart play for all. Speaker Stephen Cook, Arup #EnergyEfficiency #EuropeanUnion #AnnualConference #ARUP #2016 #EmissionsReduction #ConferenceProceeding ...


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Why Design with Old Data?

Summary We design buildings and their associated utilities based on climatic data that is on average a quarter of a century out of date. Climate science tells us that these buildings will operate in vastly different climatic conditions than those we design to if they are to be around for the...


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New York City Steam & Public Housing Projects: District Energy Recovery & Resilience

Summary Superstorm Sandy was the most costly, destructive disaster to impact New York City public housing in its history. 33 developments, 60,000 residents were impacted. 386 buildings were left without heating and hot water as storm surge saltwater flooded into below-grade plant rooms...