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Absorption Chillers Market 2019-2023 | Evolving Opportunities with Johnson Controls and Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems | Technavio

Business Wire Summary LONDON--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Technavio has been monitoring the global absorption chillers market since 2016 and the market is poised to grow by USD 200.35 million during 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of close to 4% during the forecast period. “Absorption...

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New Absorption Chillers from Johnson Controls are Energy Efficient

Johnson Controls, Inc., Thomas Industry Update Summary Johnson Controls’ new absorption chillers run on water, a natural refrigerant. They are driven by waste or other low-cost heat sources. They feature a two-step evaporator-absorber and parallel flow design which has a lower salt...

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What's with the steam? Your questions about Detroit's steamy sewers answered

Ken Haddad, Click On Detroit Summary DETROIT - If you've spent any time in Detroit, you've likely noticed the steam pouring out of certain manholes around the city. To many, the steam is a mystery. Sometimes the steam can be a scenic addition to the Downtown area, but sometimes it can...

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Study investigates Solar District Cooling Potential for Saudi Arabia

Susan Kraemer, SolarPACES Summary Photo: Guiseppe Franchini and Antonio Perdichizzi Instead of running air conditioners on fossil-fueled electricity, University of Bergamo researchers Guiseppe Franchini and Antonio Perdichizzi propose an alternative cooling technology; using a thermal...

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Absorption 101

Webinar Hosted By Click to View Webinar Recording of Absorption 101 Summary When does it make sense to use an absorption chiller? How to decide when to use an absorption chiller over an electric chiller? Speakers Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and 27...

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BROAD District Energy Case Study, CEPM

Summary In Punta Cana, waste heat from energy company CEMP's power plant is sent to nearby hotels to provide chilled water and domestic hot water. Absorption chillers, provided by BROAD, are used for cooling. A heat exchanger provides domestic hot water. The large delta T, 90 degrees F, was...


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Incorporating Absorption Technology in District Cooling and Heating

Webinar Hosted By Webinar Recorded, November 1, 2018 Summary This webinar discussed real world deployment of absorption technology for district energy systems, making economic and environmental sense. Presenters Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer...

IDEA Webinar District Cooling Heating Using ABS.pdf

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Myth Busters - Absorption Cooling

Webinar Hosted By Link to Webinar Recording Myth Busters - Absorption Cooling Summary Debunking the four most common absorption myths - efficiency, cost, operation flexibility, and reliability. Presenters Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and 27 years of...