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Carbon neutrality and solar’s role in ASEAN nations

pv magazine Summary A key milestone has recently been made by Indonesia, the fourth largest coal producer in the world, which announced the cessation of new-build coal power plants from 2023. This announcement is an encouraging sign that sustainable development and growth are underway in...

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Solving the Global Cooling Problem

Financial Post Summary In Singapore, close to the Equator, temperatures regularly rise above 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) — but inside the soaring glass greenhouses of Gardens by the Bay, the country’s award-winning botanical park, it’s a pleasant 24 degrees. The daffodils and tulips...

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Grundfos launches Distributed Pumping System to meet Asia's sustainable cooling needs

Eco-Business Summary Rising temperatures across the world has cast a spotlight on the need to provide cooling in cities without overburdening urban power grids and in turn further contributing to climate change. In response, Grundfos has launched its Distributed Pumping System in Asia, which...

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A Study on District Cooling System in APEC

Summary This study assessed the energy flow of district cooling and hopes to quantify them from supply to transformation and consumption of APEC economies. There’s a need to understand where the energy input-output of district cooling is reported. The presentation discussed Japan and Malaysia...


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Smart cities hold the key to sustainable development

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, Modern Diplomacy Summary Asia and the Pacific’s phenomenal development has been a story of rapid urbanization. As centres of innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity, cities have drawn talent from across our region and driven economic growth which has...

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Asia set to cement position as global CHP leader

Kelvin Ross, Power Engineering International Summary A new report concludes that the Asia Pacific region will continue to dominate the global market for new capacity additions of combined heat and power plants . The study by analysts at GlobalData reveals that worldwide CHP capacity is...

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Editorial: Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology

SunStar DAVAO Summary DAVAO City is eyeing to build and operate a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in 2022. This billion-worth project - P2.5 billion at that – is a partnership endeavor among Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), Kitakyushu City of Japan, and the City Government...

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Plans for clean energy system

David Loughrey, Otago Daily Times Summary Dunedin is planning its next major infrastructure development - a clean energy centre to pump hot water across the central city for heating. The project would involve work to lay a reticulation system throughout the central city, meaning more...

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From Dubai to Hong Kong: District cooling a strategy for sustainable development

This article was featured in the Q4 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine. Systems in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific help high-growth cities reduce emissions and conserve resources. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. By 2050, 68 percent of the earth’s population will...

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Air-con addicted Singapore seeks new ways to escape urban heat trap

Robin Hicks, Eco-Business Singapore uses more air-conditioning per person than any country in Southeast Asia, and is projected to use 73 per cent more energy on cooling from 2010 to 2030. Image: Eco-Business Summary Singapore is trapped in a vicious circle caused by urbanisation,...