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Bates College: Campus Construction Update

Doug Hubley, Bates College The round green panels are the locations of the two Renewable Fuel Oil burners in the campus steam plant. The first burner was installed on Boiler No. 1, at left, two years ago. The second, on Boiler No. 2, just went into service. Photo: Doug Hubley/Bates...

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Renewable Fuels for District Heating Applications

Summary This presentation will cover several case studies that serve as examples of facilities converting steam boilers from fossil fuel firing to renewable fuel firing. Two case studies involve fuel switching from diesel fuel to renewable fuel oil (RFO), one will cover fuel switching from...


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Decarbonizing District Energy with Renewable Fuel Oil

Summary Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH has switched 100% of its heating fuel from fuel oil to biomass-derived Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) reducing the GHG footprint from heating operations by about 85%. Youngstown Thermal LLC) have been using RFO for about a year. RFO heating oil sales...