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Denmark vows to create world’s first ‘energy islands’

energy Live News Summary The Danish Parliament has agreed to create what it claims to be ‘world’s first energy islands’. The two offshore wind energy islands will be located in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and could help increase Europe’s share of renewable energy. The energy islands...

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Biogas Presents A New Field In The Renewables

Amazon Echo Summary Biogas is a form of a renewable energy source that can be extracted from different compostable sources, like animal waste, crop manure, industrial effluents, solid wastes, agricultural residues, the degradable waste homes, and the other farm products like straw. The...

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Capstone Turbine Renewable Energy Success Continues with Biogas Order for New York Water Facility

Yahoo! Finance Summary Capstone Turbine Corporation ( ) ( CPST ), the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received an order for a three-bay, 400 kilowatt, C400 Signature Series (C400S) microturbine...

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The Future of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Source

AZO Cleantech Summary In the United States, over 70 million tons of organic waste is produced each year. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of these wastes poses significant consequences to both public health and the environment in the form of surface and groundwater contamination. Increasing...

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CalBio and Bloom Energy to Generate Renewable Electricity from Dairy Waste

Press Release, Bloom Energy On-Site Power Solution Will Dramatically Reduce Methane Emissions from Dairies by Using Captured Biogas to Generate Electricity without Combustion State Programs Enable Renewable Electricity Generated by Dairies to Power Electric Vehicles throughout California ...

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Energy derived from cheese to power Yorkshire homes

Bioenergy Insight Summary An English creamery is now using its by-products to create biogas in a new sustainable energy project. Yorkshire cheese producer Wensleydale Creamery will supply whey – which was previously discarded - to a local biogas plant to generate 10,000 MWh of thermal power...

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How one utility powers its entire plant from wastewater

Christopher Brooker, Sam Weber, Connie Kargbo; PBS News Hour Summary Between flushing the toilet, bathing, and washing dishes, the average person in the United States generates almost 100 gallons of wastewater each day. But one utility in the suburbs of Chicago is using the waste it...

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