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Medellín Shows How Nature-Based Solutions Can Keep People and Planet Cool!

UN Environment Summary This summer, as temperatures have soared across Europe, India, Egypt and many other places, the first reaction of those with access to cooling has often been to crank up the air conditioning. While this brings short-term relief, it isn’t a feasible long-term solution...

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America Crece Energy Panama Meeting to be held Feb 20

America Crece Energy is an innovative, whole of government initiative designed to facilitate and catalyze private sector energy investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, by addressing structural, regulatory, legal, and market barriers to investment. On August 17, 2018 the United States...

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BROAD District Energy Case Study, CEPM

Summary In Punta Cana, waste heat from energy company CEMP's power plant is sent to nearby hotels to provide chilled water and domestic hot water. Absorption chillers, provided by BROAD, are used for cooling. A heat exchanger provides domestic hot water. The large delta T, 90 degrees F, was...


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Uruguay nears world record wind and solar market

Gerard Wynn, Energy and Carbon Summary Uruguay is nearing the world leader in wind and solar power by market share, Denmark, showing how the right grid conditions can help renewable sweep aside fossil fuel energy. At the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), we...

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Chile Makes Bold Air Quality Commitment with New Energy Strategy

UN Environment April 3, 2017 Summary The Government of Chile announced the adoption of a new district energy strategy to improve air quality for its citizens at the 3rd Sustainable Energy for All Forum, a meeting of around 1,000 high-level representatives from government, business and civil...