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Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson warns of possible in-year cuts to $2.8-billion infrastructure plan for 2020 without help from senior governments

Edmonton Journal Summary Edmonton city council is poised to back most of the $2.8 billion in construction projects approved for 2020, but Mayor Don Iveson is warning the plan may require cuts during the year if senior governments don’t provide funding. A pending motion filed by Iveson...

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Canada's Oil Town building carbon neutral community with 100% renewables

John Lorinc, Corporate Knights Summary Given that Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg has shone a harsh light on air travel, there’s a certain cosmic elegance in the City of Edmonton’s ambitious plans for a 536-acre decommissioned airport site, just minutes from the downtown. Construction...

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First townhomes in Blatchford development now for sale, city says

Natasha Riebe, CBC News Summary Construction will begin this spring on the first 43 townhomes in Blatchford on the former City Centre Airport land, city officials announced Wednesday. The new community's first residents are expected to move in by the end of the year, or the beginning of...

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Edmonton’s Blatchford development to be a leader in sustainability

Mona Saeed, Journal of Commerce BLATCHFORD — Envisioned as a carbon neutral community using 100 per cent renewable energy, the Blatchford development in Edmonton will include two residential areas on the east and west sides, a town centre, an 80-acre central park and a civic plaza connecting...

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Edmonton's Example: District Energy Sharing System in Blatchford

Summary The City of Edmonton is establishing the Blatchford Renewable Energy Utility, a new city owned utility to achieve the long-term goal for future carbon neutral community of 30,000 residents that will use 100% renewable energy. Buildings must be designed and constructed for heating,...