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Cogeneration Drivers According to IDEA

Cogeneration Channel Summary Which drivers motivated IDEA (International District Energy Association) members to opt for cogeneration? Definitely energy efficiency, emission reduction, resilience and reliability. Rob Thornton also tells us how the Association is identifying best practices...

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Cogeneration Channel: Energy Efficiency Alberta: the organization promoting energy efficiency in the Canadian province

Cogeneration Channel: Interview Ben Burger - Senior Engineering Manager, Energy Efficiency Alberta What does the Energy Efficiency Alberta organization do? What is the Custom Energy Solutions program and who can join it? What benefits does this program bring to cogeneration? Ben Burger...

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Cogeneration Channel: From Enmax, energy for low emissions district heating

Cogeneration Channel: Case Study Jason Grabinsky, Manager Business Relationship, District Energy, ENMAX Corporation The Enmax district heating plant serves numerous homes, commercial and institutional buildings in the city of Calgary (Canada), including City Hall, the National Music...

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The Belgian bank that finances energy efficiency projects

Cogeneration Channel Summary Belfius is a Belgian bank that can be defined as ethical, as it only invests in projects with specific criteria, such as sustainability. One of the projects in which Belfius believes is that of the energy efficiency in buildings; in the most recent period, five...